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About Us

Aaronboi is an on-demand transport taxi app offering multiple service options nationwide. Our founder/owner, Cynthia Thorpe, a former software engineer from AIG configured the Aaronboi service model with solutions to increased driver compensation and corporate gains. Our mobile app is uniquely designed to represent several consumer service areas unlike any other ride haul in the market today.

Aaronboi has a strong presence on the social media networks with over 50,000k friends and followers and a 10 member tech team of Fortune 500 professionals.

Aaronboi has an integrated sensory safety feature, Jerk designed to run with the taxi software to combat driver sleep deprivation or substance abuse while the car is in motion. Aaronboi has taken precautions to combine customer safety and driver responsibility to ensure the well-being of both parties. To learn more about our safety software, please contact us at

What Our Customers Say About Us

Superb service defiantly coming back
Martin Foster
Great people to work with friendly and talented .
Bryan Cirius
Happy to be part of Aronboi family
Jane Dowser


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