Our business prospectus invites corporate and individual investors to peruse our startup platform and add Aaronboi to mutual funds portfolio. Please notify us for more information.


By creating a nationwide problem solving solution, Aaronboi, LLC is slated to be next advancement in on-demand taxi app transportation services.

Tapping into this billion dollar industry, Aaronboi has already captured the attention of 50k social media followers and has began simulated profit and performance testing with proven results.

As a former software engineer from AIG, I designed the Aaronboi service model with solutions for increased driver compensation and corporate gains by 60%.

Aaronboi, LLC has a growing list of investment inquiries, talent and collaboration from some of the nation’s most prominent firms and institutions:

  • AIG
  • US Bank
  • Claremont Graduate University
  • Apollo MD
  • Boeing International

Aaronboi invites its sponsorships, partners and supporter to join our growing interest list as we transition from the private sector to IPO market. Our 3 to 5 year financial forecast plan will parallel transaction sale efforts with the dominant ride haul market. In late 2019, the concept was field tested in Southern California and the preliminary findings support the corporate gains and employee salary satisfaction. Our prospective investors are invited to contact our Chief Financial Officer for financials at